Project Description

Project Description

Morehouse School of Medicine is one of nine organizations across the country that has been subcontracted by the Altarum Institute and funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), to support educational activities that aim to promote heart health. This expansion of the Community Health Worker Health Disparities Initiative uses the traditional community health worker (CHW) model of health promotion and education to prevent and manage heart disease risk factors among underserved and minority populations.

The “Peer-to-Peer Training of Community Health Workers to Improve Heart Health among African American Women” project, at Morehouse School of Medicine’s is an innovative, blended learning approach to training experienced community health workers as key providers in heart disease prevention efforts. Community health workers will be trained using the NHLBI manual, With Every Heart Beat is Life: A Community Health Workers Manual for African Americans.

Heart Health Training

Heart Health Training

A train-the-trainer course in heart health education is a blended learning training session designed for ‘lay’ community health workers who serve African American populations. This course uses both self-directed, web-based learning along with 28 hours of face-to-face, formal peer-to-peer instruction in small group Learning Circle configuration. The sessions are designed to: 1) Increase knowledge of heart healthy habits among community health workers who serve predominantly African American female populations; 2) Enhance the core competencies of community health workers who serve predominantly African American female populations; and 3) rapidly and reliably build community organizations’ capacity to address heart health using a traditional community health worker model.

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Partner Organizations

Strategic Partner Organizations and Steering Committee Members

Community Partners

Atlanta Health Corps
Center for Black Women’s Wellness
Collier Heights Park
East Lake High Rise
East Lake YMCA
Emmanuel Community Church
Essential Living for Muslim Women
Fulton County Interfaith Coalition
Healthy Belvedere
HealthySpace Inc.
Learn to Grow Inc.
North Central Health Education Taskforce Faith-based Network
People’s Town Revitalization Corporation
Sisters Action Team
Stone Mountain Seventh-Day Adventist Church
The City of Atlanta- Adamsville Recreation Center
West End Medical Centers
ZAP Asthma

Strategic Champion: MSM

Strategic Champion: Morehouse School of Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM), located in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 1975 as a two-year Medical Education Program at Morehouse College with clinical training affiliations with several established medical schools for awarding the M.D. degree. In 1981, MSM became an independently chartered institution and the first medical school established at a Historically Black College and University in the 20th century.

Our faculty and alumni are noted in their fields for excellence in teaching, research, and public policy, and are known in the community for exceptional, culturally appropriate patient care with a strong social mission. MSM faculty and researchers across the institution have more than 20 years experience training community health workers in chronic disease education and prevention.

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