Universal USB cable: type C

Every trustworthy omnilogist reader has already been confronted with the choice he had to make to adapt his USB cord allowing him to connect this or that connected device or telephone to a computer or a charger.

If the first few years of telephony have already given headaches to many phone users, since each brand had a type of charger and a “proprietary” connection, involving as many different cables!

Ouf, it is finally decided to standardize all this, a directive of the European Commission of 2014 imposes the determination of a universal standard within three years.

Over time, it was the micro USB type B port that had won.

But in fact, it is the USB port type C that is retained. A simple difference of letter do you think perhaps?

Here then appears a universal connector, fine and reversible {Reversible! Finished the 4 trials before plugging in the cable! .

It is advertised with a theoretical maximum speed of 1.2 GB, so long as the support is dedicated to it and the USB port is adapted to it, three times better than the current USB 2.0 current that equips most hardware …

But to take full advantage, you have to switch to USB 3.1 …

The icing on the cake, which says USB type C also says USB power delivery. What? Well this little cord will also accept to carry a 100 watt electric current.

Recall that the current USB 3.0 is limited to … 4.5 watts.

So this will make it possible to operate the peripherals connected to the computer!

Why stop now while everything is going so well ? Add the video transfer, since the HDMI becomes prehistoric, with an image transmission of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels.

In fact, a small question … Like a famous apple brand, will this revolutionary evolution prevent the use of its old materials? Nnon, no. An adapter will just be necessary, unfortunately not allowing to take advantage of the power of this small cable …

Though aged, your faithful editor remains a “trendy” omnilogist, right?